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The most sexy girl you will ever meet.Shes the most amazing girl of life.shes beautiful. shes the noog. she always knows what to say shes just puts all you ppl to shame shes just that amazing. she loves to have detention wit her noog and just her noog! =
i love joya.

joya is life
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1. any part of speech when u feel like being random
2. a joke that will be described in the example to find out if a person is a smizz
1. i need a joya right now.
2. me: are you a joya
girl:whats a joya
me : a smizz
girl : whats a smizz
me : a smut
girl : whats a smut
me : a joya hahahahahaha
by dpimpssz September 24, 2007
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