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An uncommon girls name, meaning "God is gracious."

Fun, loveable, outgoing, loves to laugh when she is with her few friends, but she does has a shy side.
She is a beautiful girl, with a stunning smile, but has troubles seeing her beauty through her insecurities and low self esteem.
She is very loving and is always worrying about the well being of others.
She is a good friend who will always be there for you, not matter what, even if you aren't there for her.
Jovanna's are most often a female of colour.
"Jovanna, you are my best and only friend."
"Jovanna, you should smile more often."
"Jovanna, why do you look so sad."
"Hey Asian."
by 5682662 November 10, 2013
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Jovanna is a great ass friend. She's hot asl, but has mosquito bites for tits and people envy her for her good looks and bomb ass style. She has great music taste when she's not in an emo mood. She always wants dick but usually does nothing about it. You can always count on her to listen to your mega problems and she always has tea to spill. If you find a Jovanna don't let that bitch go.
Person 1: is that Jovanna

Person 2: yeah, I think that's Jovanna
by Bitchweasel January 29, 2017
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joe vannna

bitchy horrible with words and lazy, gorgeous

makes jokes that most people dont get but still laughs at them, usually has amazing hair and piercing eyes
"Damn joe vanna shut the fuck up"
"That doesn't make sence? Of course Jovanna said it"
by jewwjewwbee February 07, 2010
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