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A contest held to find out, between two men whose penis is bigger. two men start at opposite ends of the room and run at eachother with thier penis aiming not drectly at the other mans dick but slightly to the side, the man to get hit first looses, for the reason that he/she has a smaller penis
Yo josh wanna joust? Josh: sure bro, Shawg guy looks like you have the smaller penis
by Mayur03 October 24, 2010
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Verb- To Joust:
a.To screw someone over.
b.To overdo something.
c.To want something really bad.

"Dog you really jousted me on that dub sack, It was like a bowl and a half at best"

"Your two hours late, why'd you joust me like that?"
by Raabbdogg April 08, 2009
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1. A medieval contest of arms wherein two knights, each armed with a lance and mounted on his noble destrier, ride hellbent at one another with the objective of poking the other fellow with the tip of their lance.

2. When two men make simultaneous sexual entry into the same orifice.
1. Sir Lancelot was unbeatable in the joust.

2. The two porn actors had a joust in her juicy pussy.
by Figleaf23 January 19, 2009
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A term originated from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, meaning to reproduce with a female in a public arena. The term is derived from the medievil jousting contest, which was a public affair, viewed by thousands.
"Uh Steve, what were you doing in the park at 5 in the morining?"
"Jousting with Lenore"
by Bsyw October 23, 2006
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to give "head".... best if used on friends
"damn Yvonne Tran, ur mom jousted me so hard yesterday... i cant even walk straight."

"HEY EVERYONE, Yvonne Tran jousted me and my dad"

"Joust or What?!?"
by Bob Dole January 11, 2005
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A boy or girl who repetively talks to a person on the internet or phone texting while indirectly leading them on. The person may seem like they care when talking in writing but in in reality, when you ask them if they want to hang out or go somewhere, whether it be face to face or over the phone; there immediate response is "NO!", and they are a Joust. Some people commonly used Bagarble as a term to replace Joust.

Ex. Boy: I asked her to go the the movies but she begarbled me, and turned me down.

Usage- That girl is a Joust for turning me down.

Phone Text

Boy: Hey want to hang out sometime?!
Girl: Yea! Maybe next weekend!


Boy: Hey want to see a movie?
Girl: NO, I cant.
by David Keller January 01, 2008
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