The action of being Jorma Kaukonen
That guitarist is really Jorming.
by Roxanna Bryce June 23, 2009
"Yo I'm about to go to topman and seriously buy all the new Jean's!!! A total jorm!! "
by Jormjorm September 23, 2020
A dickhead trying to be cool but fails miserably
OMG You are such a Jorm on that show
by Panda Seung February 14, 2018
Jerk Off aRM - When the dominant arm of a male is much stronger than the other arm. This condition is usually induced by excessive masturbation.
Damn with a jorm like that, you must have some serious beat burn.
by turbhead September 7, 2009
U.S. Slang, meaning it's all good, copacetic, everything is copacetic. Can also mean "okay." Generally a response to "sup", "how's it hangin?", "how are things?", "how are you?", "Are you?"

alternate spellings and forms: Jormy

Originated in California, but spread throughout the U.S. The large scale dissimenation of the saying was due mostly to the touring band Snowglobe who used the phrase quite frequently and named a song after it.

Q: "How have things been?"
A: "ehh. buttcheeks is jorm"

Q: "Did you get that job you interviewed for?"
A: "Yeah, I did."
Q: "What's it like? are you happy with the pay, benefits, etc?"
A: "Buttcheeks is Jorm."

Q: "how are things in the dirty south"
A: "Jormy!"

by Brad Postlethwaite August 20, 2006
An ambiguous answer to a yes or no question to leaves the requester confused.
Rich: Is your girlfriend joining us tonight?
Dan: Jorm.
by Ripcity3 June 3, 2022
"Yo I'm about to go to topman and seriously buy all the new Jean's!!! A total jorm"
by Jormjorm September 23, 2020