a jordan is the most amazing person ever. he is sweet, caring, loving, and the funniest guys ever. he is popular, yet doesn’t get into trouble. he is smart and gets all a’s. when u need someone, u come to him and he helps u anytime u need it. if u ever meet a jordan don’t get him upset with u and never let him go.
i was really upset and i talked to jordan and i feel a lot better
by <3 ;))) February 06, 2019
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A boy who you can trust, he is funny sweet, and very chill. He is so vibe but sometimes he´s is only a friend. He has a reasonable home life and is usually white with brown hair, brown eyes, and is a little short. He makes memes and is so cute. So many girls like him but he decides to say no one loves him! He is athletic but lazy, probably a runner or basketball player. You should befriend one of these guys because they are bombing
Rylee: I just asked out Jordan!
Sean: Bro, what did he say?
Rylee: Dang it! He friendzoned me!
by Cassidy31 November 04, 2020
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For a guy: A douche
For a girl: Just a cool person
"Jordan's such a douche"
"No, she's cool"
"The male Jordan"
by Whythisword November 01, 2020
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Jordan is a great person. If you find a Jordan never let her go. She will always be by your side no matter what happens. She will think and tell you she is ugly but she will be the most beautiful person you will ever meet. Jordan's are usually athletic. They are really popular. She will make you laugh no matter what by using the little stupidity she has because she is really smart . If you ever make her smile. She has a tight group of friends (mostly her sporty friends). But she does have some other friends. She is very sweet and if you make her mad you must've done something really bad against her. If you have a Jordan as a girlfriend hold her tight and if you have a best friend do everything you need to make her happy.
Girl 1: Jordan has a softball game today.
Girl 2: I know she's my best friend. I hope she does good.
Girl 1: She's your best friend. Dang she's really popular, beautiful, sweet and she has a pretty smile.
Girl 2: I know
by gurleygirl26 September 25, 2019
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The most loving ,caring,sexy ass person,he s really good in bed once hes there. He is loyal, once hes gone you will feel something missing ,great cuddle buddy ,everything you'll need.
by babbya January 27, 2020
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Jordan is an absolute mad lad, he is extremely good looking, a sex machine and an allround a great person.
by Flippin55 March 12, 2019
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He is super sexy and a great guy if you are a girl and he likes you, YOU NEED TO GET WITH HIM RIGHT NOW he is so sweet and will always treat you right (same with in bed😘😘) he is better than lebron James in basket ball and all girl’s need to get with him now
by Loversss24523566 October 29, 2019
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