Roughly, a popular music style which combines the ambition, intelligence and avant garde sensibilities of art rock with the energy and spartan elements of punk rock. Alternately, synonymous with post-punk or post-hardcore, although not in as terribly wide usage as those terms.
Wire are often considered the definitive art punk band, although there's a pretty strong case for Mission of Burma, or even Fugazi.
by Mmccormick88 March 18, 2008
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you're most likely to come across one of these weird and unusual creatures during the early hours of the morning lamenting the lose of his/her muse and drinking some decent red wine outside a closed cafe.

certainly to have dropped out of the local art college due to being surrounded by a load of middle class wannabes and the withdrawl of their funding grants.

will create flyers for free gig tickets or beer. will convince you that they are only doing this until discovered by a rich patron at which point they will sell any principles they have for a quick buck.

more than likely to be mistaken as being homeless.
resposible for totally pointless flyers/stencils popping up around the city, a known triat they possess.
by ..tone.. March 1, 2004
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