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Jonathan Cook is in 1 of THE BEST bands in the world(Forever The Sickest Kids) Jonathan Cook is talented, sweet, attractive, friendly, smart and funny. Jonathan Cook loves everyone including his fans.(in a friendly appreciative way nothing weird screw the idiots who make up rumors!) Jonathan Cook makes me smile. Jonathan Cook strongly believes in God & puts him 1st in everything he does. Jonathan Cook has inspired me to be a better christian and person in general. Jonathan Cook loves his family especially his adorable nephews:). Jonathan Cook has a great smile:) Jonathan Cook is a major Dallas Cowboys fan. Jonathan Cook is a great performer. Jonathan Cook's fans think hes amazing.
omg did you go to that concert?

yes Jonathan cook was so awesome

Did you meet Jonathan Cook?

Yes he was so nice & funny & cute!

Did you see Jonathan's tweet?

Yes it made my day:)
by Alicia21 February 17, 2010
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