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William Beckett is a walking definition of "sex". He should be a model. He is the lead singer of The Academy Is... and enjoys appearing homosexual when around Gabe Saporta

Fangirls everwhere died last year, when it was rumored that he had a baby, Geniveve Dylan (also known as Wikipedia Nonsense)with longtime girlfriend, or maybe wife, Christine Bandy. While Beckett will neither confirm or deny this rumor he once made an interesting tweet that sent girls crazy on fbr_trash.
"Bless with GDB"

Beckett is very skinny, and some question whether or not he has a penis. He used to wear flare jeans and a bandana around his leg but he doesnt do that anymore so FANGIRLS NEED TO STOP TRYING.
Did you hear about William Beckett's baby?

Oh no! That is wikipedia nonsense
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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Nick Santino is the founder and singer for fueled by ramen band, A Rocket to the Moon. Nick Santino began A Rocket to the Moon on his own, but later stole Justin Richards from the band Brighten to play guitar in his band. Nick Santino is probably most famous for being a fake ginger and his love of Taylor Swift. He spends his off time obessing over his dog, covering taylor swift, and finding other bands to steal members from.
Nick Santino is my favorite ginger! ...oh wait.
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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Alex Deleon is the lead singer of the fueled by ramen band, The Cab. Deleon is sometimes refered to as "singer" since there are three people in the cab named alex. Singer has the voice of an angel, mixed with a little boy band flare. In the past, Deleon was linked to Disney Darling Demi Lovato. For now he is back with his former girlfriend and bears her promise ring. He has recently taken to wearing one glove at all times, much to the ridicule of fbr_trash. Deleon spills his heart on his blog, symphonysoldier.com where he can often come off as ignorant or arrogant, but never forget Deleon is a tiny little guy with a heart bigger than his mole!
Is that a backstreet boys cd?

Oh no, that Alex Deleon!
by DemiLov March 20, 2009
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A camera loving whore it first became famous for dating the homosexual guitarist for panic at the disco, ryan ross. She continues her reign as most obnoxious scene queen by selling overpriced rubber bracelets that have sayings such as "legit" and "brutal". She states she is still a virgin, but her non existent hymen may disagree. Jac Vanek is currently attempting to take over disneyland as well, by hanging out with Demi Lovato.
Did you see Jac Vanek all up on Alex Deleon at the TAI show last night?
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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Jonathan Cook is the lead singer for the band Forever the Sickest Kids. Jonathan is most famous for hitting on anything with a vagina. JCook prefers underage girls though, and is currently linked to Disney Starlet Selena Gomez. Jonathan is a strong Republican and enjoys hunting ducks. Cook claims to be a devout Christian, but who really knows.
You will never believe who stuck their tongue down my throat at the show last night!


Jonathan Cook
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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Cash Colligan is the bass player for Fueled by Ramen band, The Cab. Cash is an arrogant and pompous and is moste recognizable for permanently inking himself with ridiculous tattoos, such as, "Dolla Dolla Bill Yall" and "Thirtizzle"

Cash may or may not be cute, but no one can tell because he is covered in ridiculous tattoos.
Cash Colligan got a new tattoo, twenty-threetizzle
by DemiLov April 8, 2009
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