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Anyone who got a least a taste for real music
Some Bitch"Fuck you!!, Jona brother are hot and know what their singing,you Jonas Brothers Hater!!" Me(having a conversation about i don't like the Homobrother and then interrupted by a 13 year old girl that came from no where)" Know what they singing?!!,then don't know what their singing first it about sex,then go on about purity ring,if you want music try Frank Sinatra" Some bitch"Who that singer that my dad like?, old and not music!!" Me"Sigh" they know nothing these day"
by Nelson666 September 07, 2009
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There are known definitions:-
1. People who hate the Jonas Brothers. (No, really?)
2. People who hate the Jonas Brothers because, according to the Jonas Brothers Haters' enemies, the Jonas Brothers Fangirls, they are 'hawter' or more 'famouse' than the Jonas Brother Hater.
3. A group of mainly 13-17 year old boys who are homophobic and would feel 'gay' if they said they liked the Jonas Brohers. (DISREGARD THIS DEFINITION. IT IS HIGHLY INACCURATE.)
4. Synonyms for awesome.
I am one of the Jonas Brothers Haters. I'm female.
by The Infinite Sadness May 31, 2009
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A person who can think for themselves and resist bubblegum pop the media floods them with
Did you see those Jonas Brothers Haters? They were the only ones to pass the test.
by AlisaGirl1990 July 17, 2009
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Probably any mature person with at least a modicum of taste, dignity and the ability to resist countless cringe-worthy marketing schemes from soulless entities such as (mainly) the Disney corporation.
an example of something you may hear from the mouths of so called 'Jonas brothers haters' when prompted:

"I think for myself."

Enough said!
by SlimTony June 09, 2009
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The retard above me is tottally wrong about them. A Jonas Brothers Hater is someone who has hit puberty, unlke the person above me who is probably a nine year old girl like the rest of the Jonas Brothers Fans. This is someone who has a good taste in music and has lots of friends because they have a good taste in music. Guy Jonas Brothers fans dont like them because most actually know a good singing voice, Girl Jonas Brothers hate them because of the same reason and also have a better taste in men unlike their fans who drool over their 3 centimeter dick's.
Jonas Brothers walk by...and a bunch of 9 year old girls follow.

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Wow look at those faggots, even I could sing better than them.

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: They are so ugly, I feel sorry for all those 9 year old girls drooling over their 3 centimeter dick.

9 year old girl: Shut up! Ur just jelous because your not as famous as they are! Your just jealous! (x10).

*9 year old girl gets beat up by both of them*

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Hey wanna go out?

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: Sure!
by Im A Jonas Brothers Hater August 22, 2009
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An angry, occasionally bigoted group of people who passionately hate the Jonas Brothers as if they raped their mother.

Insults towards the Jonas Brothers usually consist of:

gay, (variations on this word), shit, (and other variations on that word).

Their main criticisms of the Jonas Brothers usually include but are not restricted to:

- The are not screamo/metal/techno/an 80's band (Make note that haters are apparently god's judges of music and that only their taste matters, despite the fact that they are not in the majority.)

-They are gay (Most Jonas haters may be uninformed as the Brothers are quite straight. It can also be assumed that Jonas haters are also highly homo-phobic and insecure about their sexuality.)

-They do not deserve they're fame and anyone could write "shit like that". (Against popular belief, Jonas Haters are NOT widely acclaimed for their musical talent, and most popular artists actually speak fondly of the Brothers(Elvis Costello, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon ect.))

-Their fans are annoying. (True, though this may be because the annoying ones are generally the ones noticed most often, because they're annoying.)

-They're only famous because they're good-looking/They're ugly (no comment)

-They're sponsored by Disney (Very true, but unlike most Disney stars, they were originally signed and released an album under a totally different label. And the Brothers themselves do all of the songwriting (except where other credit is given-ex. Busted))

A Jonas Hater: Usually speaks about they're love for "hardcore" bands like Metallica, Lamb of God, or other similar bands. They consider this music, "real" music and wish violent death upon the Jonas Brothers for not being one of the bands that they like, promoting civilized behavior, and being famous/loved. Most Jonas Haters are teenage boys 13-17 who would feel gay if they said they liked the Jonas Brothers.(Many don't know that the Beatles had a vast majority of female fans because television was more limited back then.)
Jonas Brothers Fan #1: omg the jonas brthers aree so hot lo <3l im goning to mary joe!!!!!!! anyone who dusnt lik them can just shut up cus ther a jealous loooser!!!!

Jonas Brothers Fan #2: I absolutely love the Jonas Brothers so please don't insult them, I don't insult the bands that you like.

Jonas No Opinion: Um, I guess they have some good stuff, I mean, I don't HATE them, but I don't really like that style. I'm more of a hard rocker \m/

Jonas Brothers Haters:quote: "faggots
99% of teens would cry if they saw the Jonas brothers on the roof of a building. Copy and paste this if you are part of the 5% who would shout "JUMP"!"
"Jonas Brothers are gay they butt rape each at night "
"fucking faggots! the jonas brothers are fail. Their music is a major failure "
"jonas bros. suckz ma ballez and smears Crusha© on them then lickz it off and sicks it up in a hat this iz how bad thee R lolololololololololo -sic"
"i fucking hate those fags"
by SCayman May 14, 2009
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