Homie, but spelled with a spanish “j”, therefore having an “h” sound.
Ayy whats good jomie how you been
by Young Soup February 18, 2019
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A well-round term to describe something with a good connotation, could be used in practically every sentence if used correctly. Other variations of this word are jomers, jomeh, jommy, etc.
Me: that senior is soo jomi that i could just kill someone to have a chance to date him
My sisturs: bitch please, that guy isn't that jomi. Is u blind, hun?
by Mizzundastood sistur October 21, 2019
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She is the nicest person you will ever meet. She is friendly, nice and willing to have a large group of friends. You will usually find her in a large group. She is very socially interactive. Many boys have crushes on her. They are always waiting for the right time to ask her out.
Girl #1 (New Girl): "Who is that girl in the big group of friends?"
Girl #2: "Oh, that is Jomi. She is a very popular girl at our school!"
by jdsieuisdhfrnsork March 28, 2019
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He is the nicest negro you will ever meet. He loves long walks on the beach when you see Jomi say hi
by Gyhbgj September 12, 2019
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A person who is younger than you and knows whats up in most areas yet still has a long way to go .

Def 2-normally used to describe a younger animal or person

Def 3 - can be compaired to lil homie in the same context but normally used by a group or single individual who has put the sense together to know that j has hispanic overtones yet says it like an american to be ignant
Aww, leave the lil jomie alone yo hes juat trying to play some ball

Hey, whats up lil jomie you still fucking up n school??

Im just saying , the lil jomie aint a lil jomie anymore I thibk jts safe to sah hes just the jomie now .
by 928$ainTAZ December 21, 2019
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