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Jola is a very beautiful girl.She likes very much to do and learn new things.Jola never likes the random things in life and so she is all the time in searching for new and beautiful things.She loves to travel and to explore new places.She is a very positive person and a goodhearted girl.Jola loves art and she is rised on a family of artists.She is in love with the magic of antiquity.Jola is a fashion lover.She likes to wear beautiful and fashion stuffs.She can be a very good make up artist.Jola knows to sing.In her dreams she is a very famous singer.She has a baby face and skin and she likes this very much.She has a face that make her a very special girl.She is so beautiful.She is a really sexy blonde girl.She is loved exactly for who she is.She doesn’t need to compare herself with others because she is All the time better than anyone.For this reason many times people get jealous for her beauty and her lifestyle.She know who she is and for this reason she is a confident girl.She belives in herself so there is anybody that can get her down.
by yoursd October 06, 2017
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meaning "no way" or "ha, not" or "joke"
"Are you going to the game Friday?"

"Jola! I've got better things to do."
by bukina September 09, 2006
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white female, used as needed, often seen with random black men
yo, where da jola at?
by Nick_H August 06, 2003
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what white people who have never spoke spanish in their entire lives say when trying to talk to someone who is from a Latino background
Jim : Jola Raul

Raul : You god damn gringo
by Issa.Jonny September 20, 2017
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