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Once known as POKERSTARS "the largest online card room in the world" JokerStars has now taken over the once reputable site. Players all over the world should beware of bad beats, donkey players with enormous chip stacks, and the banning of chat privileges during online play or banter.
WTF...I just got my pocket Ace's cracked by 7-2 offsuit...

That's JokerStars for you...

Time to make another online deposit...

by dznuts619sdc March 01, 2009
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Nickname for the popular poker website PokerStars.

The name comes from the masses of fairly good poker players that get bad beats by donks or n00bs.
Guy#1. I got dealt pocket aces and moved all in.
Guy#2. Yeah?
Guy#1. Yeah. 3 people called me, one had kings, one had queens, the other had 2's.
Guy#2. Wow, guess you won a big pot.
Guy#1. Shit no! Flop came Ace King Queen, we all hit trips, except the last guy, who was practically drawing dead. Pot was as good as mine, turn card was a 2 and and river was a 2 to give the n00b quad deuces.
Guy#2. You were obviously playing on JokerStars dawg!
by Beeth October 02, 2007
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