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A Joke Poke (like the word slow poke) is a friend that takes an incredibly long time to understand a joke. this person may need to have this joke explained by multiple people and even after every body is done explaining he/she still doesn't fully understand.
my friend braydyn is such a Joke Poke
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by Dr.Doofus December 02, 2017
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Having sex with a undesirable girl (in most cases fat or ugly) just because you're horny and your options are limited.
I got some joke poke last night. That bitch weighed 300 pounds if she weighed a 1000.
by nihuddy82 July 07, 2009
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the act of interrupting one's joke with another joke; rendering the first useless, therefore taking credit for the initial humor.
friend 1: "this is hard"

friend 2: "that's what-"

friend 3: "-your mom said last night."

friend 2: "really bro, giving me a joke-poke, i see?"
by uvtan October 10, 2013
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