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a generally playful and friendly term for a person who takes their time and/or moves slowly; usually does not imply a person is mentally slow, merely physically slow.
"Tracy always takes so long to shower before school and then she spends at least ten minutes looking for her clothes and five minutes trying to find her shoes! Geez, we're always late for the bus because she's such a slow poke!"
by Pufferzzz November 11, 2007
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An unnecessarily slow person, not mentally, just physically.
You are walking at an exceptionally slow pace, yet your friend is still lagging behind, therefore he is a slowpoke!
by Fete October 13, 2005
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A Retarded Pink Pokemon that Kills you with psyhic moves.
Trainer:Slowpoke use Psyhic!
Slowpoke:DERRRRRRR -Boom-
by Gyro2169 December 23, 2010
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The sexiest pokemon alive, can also be used to describe mentally retarded people or in the harassment of people.
1) I was playing pokemon, but my slowpoke made me so horny i had to have some sex,
2) That kid is such a slowpoke, I mean really? Who'd shove a iron penis into their skull!?
by Sensei Slowpoke April 26, 2010
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1. a person who takes an obnoxiously long time to poke you back on Facebook.
2. a person in a poke war who desperately tries to wait until the last minute of the 2 days allowed to poke back in a poke-war, as a tactic to make you surrender.
Jerry: I'm going to poke Emily today! *pokes*
Emily: *looks at pokes and doesn't click for like 2 days*
Jerry: What a slowpoke!
by Sandreeka January 08, 2012
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