New York City fire hydrants were first installed in 1808, and by 1817 flip lid-style hydrants began to appear on street corners. The term "johnny pump" is a nickname for fire hydrants that originated in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn vernacular.
1. I saw a red johny pump next to the road.
2. The firefighters connected their hose to the johnny pump.
by flyoffacliff August 11, 2012
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a fire hydrant, in new york, esp. lower manhattan and brooklyn, esp. one that's open in the summer for kids to play in
when i got home from work, all the boys on my block threw me in the johnny pump
by candybaby August 5, 2006
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Johnny pump is used throughout New York City's five boroughs as a nickname for a fire hydrant in the traditional style. Siamese and more modern pipe-style hydrants are not Johnny pumps.
This term was used commonly in The Bronx and Manhattan during the 1976 Bicentennial when they were painted red, white and blue - with stars and stripes.

Children and inner-city residents use this term more than adults or Manhattan residents not originally from the inner city.
Hey, Mikey, open up the Johnny pump so we can cool off! Your father got the crow bar?
Yo, VIto, who painted this Johnny pump with the freakin' homo flag on it? You?
by shrimpheads July 1, 2016
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Johnny Pump Nation is a gang based out of Oakland County Michigan in metro Detroit, specifically in the city of Troy. founded in 2020 official membership of the gang is not known but has numerous members the bulk of the gang is scattered across the US and Canada they are a renegade faction who beefs with everybody including the entire city of Detroit and are at war with a lot of gangs and are only allied with 3 groups including GDs, Black stone guerrilas and the CIA
by Johnny pump Gang September 7, 2023
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