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Verb. The action of a dude spreading his seed across no less than three states. This may be accomplished by actions such as a road trip. The vehicle of choice is a van, granted a bicycle and a dumpster in the back alley will suffice.

Disclaimer: It must be a different women per state. "Women" in Montana don't count due to their manliness. Animals don't count. Family members don't count.
Bryan and I are going to johnny appleseed this summer on our coast to coast road trip.
by AK-Nick July 18, 2009
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A man who doesn't wear condoms when having sex with women he hardly knows. Derived from the expression of how a man "plants his seed" to impregnate a woman. "Johnny Appleseed" can also be used to refer to a man who has many children by many women.
"Mike refuses to wear rubbers with any chick he has sex with. He's a regular Johnny Appleseed."

"Levon has baby mammas all over town. He's a regular Johnny Appleseed."
by Bolo919 April 13, 2009
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To gently place your slighty moist, newly shaven balls on the shoulder of an unsuspecting individual.
I snuck up behind my roommate and gave him the ol' Johnny Appleseed.
by Darko October 05, 2004
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1. A sex act in which a man uses his thumbs to pack his testicles into an ass hole -- similarly to how one would pack a seed into the earth vis-à-vis the folk myth of Johnny Appleseed.

2. The "tea bagging" of a garden in an attempt to make it more fertile.
Richard Gere wouldn't have made such a name for himself if Pauly Shore had given him a Johnny Appleseed instead of that poor gerbil.
by Balki Bartokomouth August 08, 2013
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A nickname used for a guy who hasn't the balls to stand up to his girlfriend or wife.
J.A.: I don't think she's going to let me go.
Buddy: Let you?? Listen here, Johnny Appleseeds... you go back in there and tell her you're playing poker with the guys tonight. If not, give me a call when you grow some apples down there.
by Sean Cookson August 20, 2007
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When I fuck a girl and then stuff my ballsack in her pussy so that the whole thing is in there at once!
I fucked that single mom on he living room couch and then pulled a Johnny Appleseed when I stuffed my nuts in her pussy right behind the big sausage!
by D Flawless May 06, 2018
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