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The Johnny is a film set for release in 2008. It tells of a group of sixth formers from a school in Liverpool who discover a swing at the local park that looks like a rolled up condom. The swing, which the 6th formers refer to as "The Johnny", is the source of many good times including trying to get 8 people on the swing at the same time. One day the 6th formers turn up at the park to find their beloved Johnny has been taken away. The film follows them as they learn to live with their loss.

The masterpiece, writen by P.Quinn, is to be directed by Martin Scorsese.

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The swing is eventually returned to them, meaning the whole focus of the film (watching them learn to live with their loss)is pointless. If the film is successful, a sequel is already planned, to be named either:

The Johnny Returns
Episode 2: The return of the Johnny (pronounce John-i for this title only)
The Johnny 2 - This time its personal.

It is unknow what the plot of the sequel will be although writer P. Quinn says the film will have "sexy consequences".

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Johnny, The
The Johnny - story of Sixth Formers and their swing.
by P. Quinn October 25, 2006
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