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A John-Luke is a cool and chill person, very intellectual, and has a good sense of humor. Usually the nice one in a group of guys that will stick up for people.
Why don't you try to be John-Luke?
by felixconsummatio October 27, 2011
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Anyone named John Luke is pretty much the most awesome person you'll ever meet. And he's great in bed, ladies. Aside from his good looks, height, athletic body; he's a lover not a fighter, but don't get any ideas cause he's also a fighter. He can put out a fire by simply telling it to go away. If you plan on staying in his bed yoga and stretching are recommended for your safety.

This can also be used as a verb for a sexual position.
"I got John Luked so hard last night"
"We did it Luke style"
by Denise Richards69 November 30, 2011
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The one boy who's perfect. He's sexy, funny, and well-rounded. He looks like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. They are always passionate about their relationships, so consider it lucky if he's your girlfriend.
Oh my god! He's almost as charming as a Johnluke!
by Xx_Diet_Coke_xX June 11, 2018
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