A hot and amazing person that you can love forever and never want to let them go
Dang that Joey Schmitz sure is great I would love to have him in my bed
by big baby dad February 20, 2018
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the hottest grippers in the world. so sexy and nutworthy, everyone agrees on this.
kevin: man joeys feet are so hot
bailey: i know right i just want him to give me a foot job <33
by skidmark420 March 13, 2022
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Joey's mom once had a train ran on her with George Lucas, Kevin Smith, and Gary Busey.
It happened. I saw Joey's mom. I was holding the camera.
by TheUnknown2010 August 15, 2021
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an amateur free style rapper with the nickname he came up with. usually talks in the third person and spends 100% of his time with dom. thus spawned the nickname snom. well known for the snax look where he tilts his head at a 45 degree angle while keeping his eyes level. you can find him room with shafreezy or turtle. former lancaster hall resident
Joey Snax: "AY YO SNAX!"
Someone else: "AY YO SNAX!"
by Shake and Blake December 2, 2009
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When someone works days in a row, then feels those three days were enough to allow them to ditch a day of work.
Oh my god Becky!!! Mrs. Sherley made us pedal so hard last three days of biking practice. I know that the Redlands Grand Prix means so much to team River Bottom, but I need a day off. I'm using Joey's rule to get a day of rest.
by 142backdoor69 April 6, 2016
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One of those neandretholic, tiny penis, scrotum licking, weed smoking, vape god plebs that can catch me outside.
Oh did you hear about that kid that ate gum off the ceiling?

ugh yea hes a total joey stoner
by MaxDude8902 June 7, 2017
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A sexy bastard with a 4.3 inch penis that wants to destroy Kats bean
"Ima get Joey swift vext asf so he smashes me in"
by Dino boy 1 April 2, 2017
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