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The best friends you could ever have . Usually a trio, like a trinity. Usually two boys and a girl. The friends you are loyal to a fault with. You don’t talk about how you feel about each other, but all you know is that you love them with all your heart. They are complete psychos. You share many inside jokes. There may be some drama (like one of them has a crush on the other, and the third ships them), but that doesn’t stop the friendship. Never let your Joe Bros go.
“Are you guys like a love triangle or something?”

“No! We’re Joe Bros!”

“Oh! Sorry guys!”
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by Random girl 100405 May 22, 2018
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Short for a Jonas Brothers' faggot-ass band member or a male faggot-ass fan.
Person #1- "Dude you can't go wrong with Led Zeppelin."
Person #2- "I don't know, I'm sort of into hip-hop."
Faggot- "My favorite band of all time is the Jonas Brothers!"
Person #1- "Dude, what a fucking Joe Bro."
Person #2 shoots Faggot in the face.
by AtomicHerpes December 21, 2009
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an abreveation for "the jonas brothers". A boy band type composed of three brothers, Nick Jonas(14), Joe Jonas (18), and Kevin Jonas (19). Mostly played on disney channel and what not.
A-"how cute are those joe bros?!"
B-" Nick and Joe are adorable, but Kevin is just totalllly BUSTED"
A-"yeah i know, that joe br0 got slapped with the ugly stick!"
by Mandy__<3 September 06, 2007
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