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Jiselle is someone who is always loyal to those that don't do her wrong. She will often talk bad about herself but we all know it's not true. She is so beautiful and does all in her power to make others happy before even thinking about herself. If you have a jiselle in your life, be good to her because she will always be there for you.
Jiselle will have my back so i dont ever have to worry about being alone.
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The prettiest girl on earth. She has the cutest smile and loves to laugh. Jiselle likes to pick on people for fun and thinks its funny but it's not and they don't know it. Jiselle is very generous. They are really shy and can turn really red when they are shy. Jiselle are a good athlete usually in gymnastics and run marathons. They are really flexible. They don't like people paying for them and they alway want to pay for others. They can be mean sometimes but they don't mean too. They are lazy and don't like to clean up. They have the cutest smile and the most gorgeous eyes in the whole wide world. Jiselle isn't really that talk but doesnt care. They can be very stubborn most of the times. They don't really get mad that easy. They are really good in bed and great moms. They don't have a taste for wine or drinks at all.
by C <3 j August 22, 2012
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Jiselle: She is a Latin girl with short brown hair, she is really a pale girl. She’s really quiet. A jiselle will beet your ass if you talk behind your back, even though if your her friend. If you bother jiselle she will slap, kick, or punch you. She’s sometimes really bossy at times. If your freinds with jiselle your really lucky because they will be there no matter what.
Guy #1: i meet jiselle she’s really quiet.

Guy #2: man, she’s scary I was messing around with her and slapped me.
Guy #1: no way!
by QUEENSASBOSS11 April 15, 2019
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Jiselle is a really pretty girl usually with brown flowing hair. She doesn’t know it but she really is pretty. All the boys go loco over her. She is quite the social butterfly, and makes lots of friend. She usually has around 5 close friends but they all fight to over her and usually only one gets her:( She is really funny but sometimes takes things a little to far, she has good intentions though.
Wow, I can’t believe you are friends with a Jiselle!
Yah, she’s awesome but I never get her all to myself.
by Okurrrrrrrrrr February 26, 2019
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A girl with a big nose and disgusting smile. She lies all the time.
Jiselle is a mean person.
by Jiselle Hater May 07, 2017
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