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To swiftly but painly slap balls with your fingertips, only to leave your opponent in pain for a while.
Jim Mung was jimmy tapped today, which is why he is still holding his balls as he walks down the hallway.
by Otis Jenkens January 08, 2004
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An unsuspected attack on one's testicals. By swiftly, but forcefully "tapping" the testicals, the victim will then proceed to fall to the ground and roll around in extream agony(if the "tap" was strong enough the pain will travel up to the stomach) whilst shouting obscenities. Afterwards the victim will find a way the get back at the attackers, thus starting a jimmy tapping war.
Bert got jimmy tapped by bob then 20 minutes later he jimmy taped bob with a literature book in retern.
by \m/ GORDO \m/ July 14, 2005
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To strike the male genetalia quickly and unexpectedly with the back of ones hand, using a whipping motion. This is usually follwed by laughing and pointing.

Striking of the scrotum is more effective than striking of the penis.
So here I was at this party trying to spit game to this girl and Jeff walks by and jimmytaps me hard as shit. Needless to say, after I got up, I chased him down and beat the shit out of him.
by Cox January 18, 2004
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a painful blow to the sack usually done with a hand wipe motion.very simialr to wipelash but done to the male genitalia
teddy jimmytaped cornwallace so hard his left nut was the size of an apple.
by tsaurpower March 20, 2003
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