The most amazing girl to ever walk the planet. She is god's gift to the earth. She is so kind, beautiful, smart, loving, comforting, and caring to everyone she meets. Jill is very hilarious and can make you laugh even on your saddest day. She has a magnificent personality and such an exceptional heart.
girl* I wish I was more like Jill.

other girl* me too. she's so amazing.

boy* man, Jill is so gorgeous.

other boy* I know right. I wish she was my girlfriend.
by Sandboxslay June 22, 2018
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the "girl" a guy is taking home to have sex with.

this girl is really his hand, that he is going home to masterbate with. hold it up and the fingers spell out J-i-l-l.

makes him sound cool, even though everyone knows he's pathetic and can't get any.
guy1: "me and my girl had so much sex last night"
guy2: "yeah me too, i met this fucking hot chick named Jill."
by asfhhj June 22, 2006
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A rare toy from 1987. It was Very technologically advanced for its time. The doll was made by playmates. Look it up!
by lego adam November 09, 2016
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1. IDK, my BFF?
2. One who is constantly being sent text messages by 12-year-olds.
"Who could you be texting that much?"
"IDK, my BFF Jill?"
by Lex B-S December 16, 2007
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Is the name your hand makes.
Just for your thumb and index. Middle is i. Ring and pinky is the 2 L's. Now you will never be alone because you will always have jill.
by urbanwolf92 January 28, 2016
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