If you find a Jill, you've been blessed by God. Usually blonde haired, and loves a good time. Very committed to things she loves, like Marching Band. Loves a guy who will treat her right, and cry with her when needed. A overall very good person!
Nathan: Wow, I wish Jill would realize how nice of a guy I am.
Gracie: I'm sure she does, she just hasn't confessed it yet.
by n8isthebest September 01, 2019
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A girl from a nursery rhyme....therefore, a great singer and acter who is beatutiful but spends her time bringing buckets of well water down a hill with a boy named Jack.
Guy 1: Look at that beautiful girl on that hill with Jack.
Guy 2: She must be a Jill.
by Awesomechick529 July 28, 2011
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Jill, form of Juliet, Julia female version of John. Noble, honorable, romantic and beautiful. A woman of virtue.
If you want someone special in your life it should be a Jill.

Jill is brilliant and a great person to talk to.
by Evanstar2 February 05, 2010
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A person who is beautiful, funny, talented, trustworthy, and fun to be around. Everyones best friend. Helps people out and will be there when you need them no matter what.

"Thanks for coming to help, you are such a Jill." Also fantastic in bed. A Jill is the complete package. The perfect girlfriend.
"Dude, my girlfriend is such a Jill."
by Anonymous9988665533 February 06, 2010
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Moderately offensive term with similar meaning to 'div' 'prat' or 'idiot'. Was an 80's London term that has been brought back to the streets of the South East thanks to the film 'The Firm' and online show 'The Lazy Generation'. It's delivery is best when it isn't over-used and is saved for when someone does something really stupid/clumsy/dumb. Can be extended to 'jillian' or 'jillcrest'.
'Why would you buy another drink? We were just about to leave.... jills!'

'You've seen your bird every day for about 2 months solid you soppy little jills!'

'Nah don't invite Stiles out, he's such a jills!'
by TW_Lurker October 02, 2013
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The most indescribably amazing girl in the world. Jill's are almost always smart and hard working. They're usually really attractive even though they often doubt it.
Guy 1:What's one word to describe that girl?
Guy 2: She can easily be described as a Jill...
by Johnny Speeds October 03, 2010
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A girl that loves to give hugs. She's also one down chick, she's a good friend and fun to be with. Oh yeah, she also rocks a good set of neon polka dot under wear, and she's cute too! Thats jill for you.
Jill is one of a kind. =
by duckie22 May 04, 2010
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