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An incredibly hot boy with soft hair and nice abs. BUT his pecs tend to jiggle and wiggle when he exercises making it hard to notice anything but the jiggling.
"Did you see Jiggly Wiggly today!?! I'd sure like to get jiggy with that"
"YES! He's so hot but his pecs were all I could notice. Boy do those things like to jiggle and wiggle."
by banned bananas March 13, 2018
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An adult entertainment establishment. (root: a chain of grocery stores here in the south called Piggly Wiggly.)
We're heading up to the jiggly wiggly after work to drink some beers and look at naked women.
by AcroScream February 15, 2006
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in reference to people who enjoy sex with people who are plus-sized
Hey Chris, is it true you want to do the jiggly-wiggly with Louise?
by Jackie Brown February 14, 2006
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jello made in a angle food cake pan but can be spun Into something inaproprite by your teacher
Sam: let's make a jiggly wiggly
Teacher: that doesn't sound wrong at all
by Gadhkyv March 28, 2015
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