Jiggin in Southern Louisiana is poppin ectsasy goin to clubs and dancing all night long,hangin with your friends and listenin to music because everybody is your bestfriend and every song is your favorite song.
person 1: we jiggin tonight?
person 2: yep if u give me your $10
by Camo Fa~Sho July 12, 2006
A dance orginating in Baton Rouge, LA, similar to the Ratchet. It's also asscoatied with popping exctasy pills.
by modelchick8806 March 5, 2006
Reference to friend, brother or homeboy; derived from teen slang.
That’s my jigg. I’m cool with lil jigg.
by Brittney . King July 10, 2018
Short for jiggaboo meaning a really dark skinned black person with strong negroid features (ie. big lips, wide nose, nappy hair)
by Buttsexitches December 11, 2010
to the person wantin to know whats jigg in louisiana its to roll, take ecstasy, pop some triple stack green dirty bitches go to the club and jiggalate
by dealer504225 June 16, 2004
ecstasy pills also known as XTC. a drug which causes things to feel good and makes you stay up most of the night, causes high energy levels, makes people speak what is on their mind. caution:may diolate pupils.
lets gO pOp One Of them jiggs

jiggin jiggin real hard

ya'll sum jiggers

she in the club jiggulatin

lets go put sum of them jiggulators on
by L mOtha fuKiN B September 3, 2006
to have fun, to be wild, to dance
Are we gone jigg tonight at the Cash Money COncert? Whats jiggin in Louisiana?
by Ashley May 25, 2003