('jib-uh jab-uh')

noun: A long-winded dialogue full of bullshit and rhetoric. Often spoken by Mr.T when he wishes you to shut the fuck up.
by Chad Vincent June 24, 2003
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What this crazy foo' talkin' Jibba Jabba 'bout now?
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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The term that Mr. T uses when he thinks you're talking non-sense shit.
Don't be talkin' Jibba Jabba Foo!
by PiMp MaStA February 22, 2003
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noun. A phrase used by Mr. T in conjunction either foo! or various other "Mr. T only" terminology.
by ZE-bear March 25, 2003
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nonsense, to be in a state of silliyness, or delirious
Stop speaking all that jibba jabba fool, Mr. T don't get no tickets.
Stop all that jibba jabba, pay attention!
She's acting jibba jabba right now!
by Ashledes Temoha June 20, 2009
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Incoherent, seemingly non-stop ramblings of a person under the influence of cannibis.
"I don't want to call my mom when I'm high because I won't be able to stop the jibba jabba."
by Kezzy June 2, 2006
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to speak non-sensical , meaningless or pointless statements or comments.
"quit yo' jibba jabba, fool"

Mr T - The A-Team
by brewlio April 29, 2007
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