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A human being who is emotionaless, depressed, suicidal, and wise. The person’s dream is to become a therapist or help others with their problems. The person never made any good friends in school, he also hated the way a humans act towards each other. Jian is very wise, smart, intelligent, and very sarcastic to best friends.
Dude, that cat acts like Jian.
Man, I wish I was like Jian.
by OwOL November 26, 2018
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A Jian is a straight double edged sword used in China. Used about 2500 years until now. Known as the "The Gentleman of Weapons". The material was first Bronze until Steel was available.
The sword is about 70 centimeters long.
Looks like a Jian
A very crappy one
by Archadia August 15, 2008
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1. Is a type of bird that only has one wing, and needs to find its partner so they can fly as one bird.

2. A person that is still single and finding for a partner
he's so fucking ugly that's why he is a fucking jian
by HAKTDOG September 16, 2018
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Jians are usually girls and know how to have the best time they have the best smiles whitest teeth and are generally tall... Most people think they r mean but just need getting used to. Just remember not to mess with them or they will cut u....
Wow look its jian she is flawless
I am scared to approach her she looks like a jian
by Chizzlemynizzle May 10, 2018
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