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The Revolution is coming! More and more Jews are joining the republican party, and in turn joining the JRC (Jewish Republican Coalition.) In parts of the United States, such as the Upper West Side, or Westchester County, you would find that Jewish Republican are hated and discriminated against. Jewish Republicans tend to have very conservative views on national security, but lean more towards the middle of the road on other issues. The source of their conservative views comes from their concern for the mother state of Israel, and President Bush's support of Israel. This new breed of Jews has gone against the liberal views of their ancestors, and thus risking their connection with the 99% of Jews who did not vote for Bush. In some places, Republican Jews have been dubbed "Uncle Jacks," by their liberal brethren. The older generation of Jews has not taken kindly to their children being republicans.
Jewish Man- Hey bubby, I voted for Bush yesterday!
Jewish Bubby- Oy veh. You schmuchk, you got all mixed up, you're turning into real goyim, ya know. You schmendrik, mazel tov ta you being a real moron. In my day, there was no such thing as a Jewish Republican!
by Theo L. December 25, 2005
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jew #1: Why do most Jews vote democrat?

Smart Jew: because they are self hating idiots who hate there religion and the Country. Only smart Jews and good jews vote republican. the rest are filth.

Jew #1: Great, I am going to be the next great jewish republican.
by MikeyJoe June 27, 2006
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Someone who considers themselves to be Jewish but is ignorant of Jewish values, common sense, and/or the platforms, actions and reputations of the two major American political parties.
Let's attack a middle eastern country for a made up reason and see if it inspires more people to blow themselves up or sit in lotus and wish peace upon all men. Oh, totally the latter, I'm gonna vote Jewish Republican.
by dover.snarker August 15, 2008
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