Brian ,some one that Cons you or just steals your money and/or Digniy
Brian Is the bigest Jew Bag ever.
by Sebastian June 12, 2005
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Seemingly self-important media executives hyping up the situation involving the land they are attempting to reclaim. However, gave up on and left centuries ago. They are attempting to allocate U.S. tax dollars to support their cause which has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America. "Homeland" my ass. Does this mean that if I convert to Judaism I can claim Israel as my "homeland?"
"Do you want to watch the jew-bag channel?"
by your mom April 06, 2005
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A person with jew like traits, tipically a while 5'6" male named Thomason.
"Hey Thomason, Stop being a fucking jewbag bitch Nigga!
by Twizzle fo Shizzle July 10, 2008
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