blacks + jews = blues. As in music. As in Jewish guys, at least since the late 60's / early 70's wearing their hair like Jimi Hendrix or Don King.
Man, did you see VH-1's 'I Love The '80's' 1981 episode ? There was Larry David (of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm) on 'Fridays' sporting the wildest jewfro this side of Larry from the Three Stooges !
by Virgin Suicides May 12, 2017
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a jewish man (or woman) that has very curly hair, resembeling an afro. widely known from being mentioned on the popular tv show "The OC".
Summer: My hair is frizzing out. I look like Howard Stern!
Seth: See, strangely, I feel like my Jew fro benefits from this climate.
by JHP<3 October 08, 2005
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a large circular dome of curly hair possesed by a jew. the jewish form of afro.
you could tell he wasnt goim by his jewfro. oy vey.
by number25 April 06, 2003
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an afro-like haircut, except it resides on the head of a Jew.
Benji looks like a goofy wanksta with his du-rag, jew-fro, and sagging And1 shorts.
by Nick D March 16, 2003
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An orgasm-inducing hairstyle worn by people of jewish descent. It consists of curly hair and is often large.
Famous wearers of the jewfro: Matt Stone (creator of "South Park")
Matt Stone's jewfro not only made me want to give him my virginity,but to also hump my chair.
by Amanda and Thais October 29, 2004
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A curly mop of hair with lots of volume, sported by many a Jewish brother.
Matt Stone doesn't look as cool now he's cropped the jewfro.
by Pete Rakowski January 03, 2005
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