A secret boss in Deltarune which kicks your ass and most probably gives you your first Game Over in the entire game.
He is also very epic as his name is made out of "Devil" and "Jester"
Person 1: Oh wow! sans is hard af and I think he is a cool skeleton.
Person 2: Lol fuck sans m8, Jevil's my bitch, his attack is not predictable and he's not as gay as sans and he got a sick voice actor *dabs*
by Blastero6 November 17, 2018
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Smol goblin boi who replaced Sans in the Undertale Fandom. He can do anything, has a rare condition that makes him aware of his own existence, and was told the world around him was a game by no one other than Gaster himself. Joy.
He is gay for Seam. End of story. YOu caN'T cHAngE mY MInD.
Seam: Jevil ate my fucking legs.
by Ashimations February 6, 2019
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A chaotic little imp that is locked away in a jail. All he cares about is chaos.
Jevil: Chaos, chaos!
by Vector Perkins November 21, 2021
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Some mf that believes he's hot and shit but he's a loser that loses ratios
"Is that Jevil?"
"Yeah let's ratio him"
by Eddy Sheeran March 5, 2022
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The act of being jevil. If someone is jevil they are jeviling.
by jeviling September 26, 2022
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