A contraction of the words "did you ever", often used by people in conversation without being corrected. If you pay close attention in any conversation, you will catch this phrase replacing word. Jever is the "Bigfoot" of the English language. You'll never actually see it, but you'll hear it all the time.
Hey Joel... Jever take a dump and not have to wipe?

Jever notice how Mack always conveniently leaves his wallet at home when we go out to eat!?

Jever go to the girls softball game and see Ceni and Tuna coaching their asses off?
by Che Cazzo!! May 13, 2017
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interrogative; have you completed some action
by x March 14, 2003
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Uncertain future-oriented direction, perpendicular to both North and South. Years from now it will be used to describe the direction of the flying saucers (or whatever other flying objects in existance). Author of the term: TTT.
"Go jever for 20 s" - TTT
by D0nt_use_y0ur_real_name November 05, 2020
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