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a) An extremely awesome person with a really nice bum.
Peter Pan: Woah look at her!
Aladin: Who?
Peter Pan: That girl over there!
Aladin: WOAH. She looks awesome.
Peterpan: Yeah, she has a really nice bum too.
Aladin: She's a right Jeul ain't she *winks*
by iLOVEbums March 08, 2009
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1. An apple that was devoured by the hearts and the minds of all of humanity, and will now destroy the world and eat all the pie.
There is no number two, only death.
Origin: Cthulu
And then, the jeul consumed everything and the universe was removed from the known universe.
by qazwsxedcpl,moknijbrfvtghyu January 08, 2018
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