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One of the most uniques rock bands ever, they started in 1969 and are still playing today.

"Jethro Tull has released over forty albums. From blues, folk rock, prog rock, and jazz influences to touches of Far Eastern sounds (to name just a few), Tull's music is not easily sorted into a defined genre." a direct quote from thier site"

Members include: Ian Anderson (guitar, vocals, guitar), Marten Barre (guitar, flute), Andrew Giddings (keyboard) and many more
"Are you going to the Jethro Tull concert?"
"That guy we learned about in science for inventing the drill?"
"You are an idiot."
by KiltsRKool December 13, 2005
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Fronted by Ian Anderson (the flute-playing, codpiece-wearing badass), this band is behind the brilliance of songs such as "Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath" as well as the concept album "Thick as a Brick."
"A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children."
by [dp] leviathan April 30, 2005
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an amazing prog/folk/hard/blues rock band founded in 1968 by the most bad ass flautist ever, Ian Anderson. their first album was This Was, followed by Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung,(their most commercial album, but quite possibly one of the best), Thick As A Brick, and countless others. The only two consistant band members since the band's inception are Martin Barre (guitarist) and Ian Anderson(singer, flautist).
to the faggot who said the beatles are heavier than Tull, listen to My God, Aqualung, Hymn 43, Cross eyed Mary, Locomotive Breath, or To Cry You A Song. all great, hard rock Tull songs.

Jethro Tull rules.
by streetmoney February 12, 2007
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1. An amazing, english progressive rock ban led by Ian Anderson, writer, poet, flute player and singer. Jethro Tull was compared to Led Zeppelin in the 70s for creativity and intrumental ability.

2. Some dude who invented crop rotation.
1. I just got Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull! It rules!

2. Jethro Tull invented crop rotation, whatever the hell that is.
by rnr July 17, 2005
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Progressive rock band formed in the 1960's. Marked by the quirky vocal style and unique flute work of frontman Ian Anderson. Named themselves after the inventor of the speed drill.
by BadLieutenant November 14, 2004
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Early 60s blues-rock band fronted by flautist/singer Ian Anderson that took on a variety of genres and persists, perhaps to the year 20X6. Best known for their early singles and the albums "Aqualung," "Thick as a Brick" and "Warchild."
I was going to quote a line from Armageddon, but I can't remember it.
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