Early 60s blues-rock band fronted by flautist/singer Ian Anderson that took on a variety of genres and persists, perhaps to the year 20X6. Best known for their early singles and the albums "Aqualung," "Thick as a Brick" and "Warchild."
I was going to quote a line from Armageddon, but I can't remember it.
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Invented the seed drill in 1701 and was the name of the best damn band ever
by Alex February 14, 2003
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To take a shit standing up while raising a leg to rest atop the toilet paper dispenser.
Goofus: *Gentle fluted tune plays*

Gallant: Oh that is so nice to hear, you're actually cultured! When did you take up the flute Goofus?

Goofus: *HNNNGGHH*



*Flute drops in toilet on top of cake of feces*

...FUCK that's the stuff!!! *Shivers* I haven't shat like that since the Gulf War. I passed that beast standing up too, with my foot on the toilet roll dispenser. Kind of like Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. That turd dilated my asshole to the circumference of a basketball hoop and hit the water like the fucking wreckage of the Challenger explosion. Thick as a brick dawg! I even stole a flute from the local grade school to play a little Aqualung! But just dropped it in the shitter. Chang isn't gonna get that one back hahaha! *Shivers* Wowwww bro, you ever shit so hard it lowers your body temperature??? Think my butthole just sneezed

Gallant: Shut the FUCK UP!!!
by Queef_Quackenbush_Jr January 9, 2021
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The only band in existence that can rock a flute.
Jethro Tull is fucking awesome.
by Mr. Soot Gremlin December 15, 2011
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Progressive rock band that started in 1968 and is still recording today. Founded by frontman Ian Anderson (and last remaining original member), they are truely the best goddamned band EVER.

Famous for songs like "Aqualung", "Teacher", "Cross-eyed Mary" and albums like "Thick as a Brick".
Jethro tull is the greatest band to ever exist.
Ian Anderson: "The flute is a heavy metal instrument!"

Sitting on a Park Bench...
by lancelot323 May 1, 2007
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the best fucking band ever. im a cajun from Louisiana state but this band FUCKING GETS IT!! they may be british but they were the evilest, most cynical and realist metal band than even Black Sabbath. only pussies listen to black sabbath. real men listen to Jethro Tull. (a band with obvious intellectual ability, and very politically incorrect and street smart. what other band could write a song dedicated to a pedophile named aqualung, all the way back in 1971? absolutely brilliant people.)
Jethro Tull, hmn where to start? they're certainly more preferable than black sabbath. and they have a kickass flute player who knows what he is doing. and they talk about the degeneracy of post-ww2 western civlisation.
by Abraham's Adversary January 15, 2019
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