A rather sarcastic turn of phrase showing an unsympathetic attitude towards a person.
- Some twat stole that garden my dad bought for a fiver.
- Oh how Jesus fucking wept.
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 6, 2005
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John 11:35. The shortest verse in the King James version of the Bible. Translated from the original Greek, εδακρυσεν ο ιησους, literally meaning, "Jesus wept.". Perhaps the sole verse in the Bible that people actually "get" without guidance. Rarely open to interpretation, only cross-reference. Having said that, what many don't understand is that it may sum up the entire New Testament in two simple words. (Note: emphasis on the word, may.)
When someone starts to say what the Gospel according to John really meant when it said, "Jesus wept.", just walk away! It could be a money scam. Caveat emptor.
by Herr Doktor Grauwolf February 14, 2009
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