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What comes out when you try to say "Jesus Christ" and "holy crap" at the same time. Will generally come across as either humorous or bizarre to any listeners, unless they are devoutly Christian, in which case they may likely be offended.
Did you hear? The gas station down the road exploded!
Jesus crap!
by Screennameless January 30, 2009
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1. A corruption of the phrase "Jesus Christ!"
2. An exclamation usually used after one had been owned.
3. Said after an incredible event/an event thought to never occur.

"Jesus crap!" may be used in the same manner as Sweet Jesus, but only sparingly.
"Dude, Golden Corral burnt down yesterday."
"Jesus crap!"

"Jesus crap! They got friggin' owned!"
by T3GM January 02, 2008
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