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Hair (usually about shoulder-length) that is a combination of straight and wavy, but doesn't look that nice because you didn't bother to do anything to it. Looks similar to the hair jesus is portrayed to have when he's pictured as a white guy.
I was running late this morning so don't make fun of me, I'm just gonna sport the jesus hair
by virginmary'skid June 14, 2010
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An incredibly long, dense, black hair that sprouts seemingly overnight. Tough like a pube, but if you had a full coat of them, they would be suave and stylish, like the beard of Jesus.
You are standing in front of the mirror, low and behold, your nip now bears a 2 inch long Jesus Hair!

"Bro! Like I totally shaved this morning, and look at that (pointing to neck), fucking trounced up on me like a mongoose! Fuckin rising from nothing and shit... Shiiit..."
by MBucher December 01, 2008
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