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A girl with a very unique name that very few girls have. She is very pretty, and has a lot of guys after her. Jesslyn's are usually very loud and outgoing, and have tons of friends. Almost everytime you'd see a Jesslyn, she would always have a smile on her face and always laughing, which is why a lot of people adore them. Jesslyn's aren't always the smartest people around, but sometimes thats just whats makes them soo funny!
Omg! look theres Jesslyn !
by taylorlautnerluvver September 12, 2011
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A girl who has extreme talent in the profesion she chooses! it could be singing, acting, dancing, being an astronaut, stripper, anything exciting! This girl is a sucessful person!
Jesslyn: "im going to the moon... and i mean it"
by jay-lulu February 12, 2009
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A girl that has lived her entire life without being able to find her name on one single key chain or mug that you find at an amusement park unless it has been custom made: Yet is not offended because she is such a kind and understanding person that avoids conflict and decides to pretend that her name is just that special.
However she is as unique as her name with all the right personality quirks to go along with crazy mind that she will hide till you get to know her.
If you ever find a Jesslyn of your own you need to keep her close: she is a rare breed, which you will never realize you love so much until you let her run wild.
"shhhhh..... be very very quiet we're hunting Jesslyns."

"damn I miss Jesslyn."

"I like pie! Say it Jesslyn."
by yeahthatone18 December 05, 2008
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A girl that couldn't find one keychain or a mug with her name on it anywhere not even amusement park keep jessays close they are a rare bread they are super athletic and are very fast on there feet
Damn I want a Jesslyn😍😩

She's a cutie😉
by Neigh birl January 28, 2017
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