Another name for the Thursday nights that new episodes of Jersey Shore air.
Nah, bro. It's Jersday. Gotta stay in.
by aam860 September 10, 2010
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A teen reference to the show Jersey Shore, usually airing new episodes on Thursdays. Thus making a combination of the words Jersey and Thursday to make Jersday.
Dude, you ready for a great Jersday?
Yeah man, Snooki's getting crazier every week!!!!!
by peaceboy April 4, 2011
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Avery: It's Jersday! New Jersey Shore!!!!

Ryan: Do you drive a Harley? cuz you're faggot
by PedoBears March 7, 2011
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Term used to show that the TV show "Jersey Shore" is going to be on television that day.(Mainly used on Thursday)
Normal Person:Dude guess what today is?!

Gay fag who hates jersey shore:Thursday?

Normal Person:No Jersday!

Gay fag who hates jersey shore:awww to bad im dumb and hate that show :/

Normal Person: Yep too bad
by TheDevastaterr February 11, 2011
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Thursday night gettin drunk while watching JERSEY SHORE.
"Hey Bitch, what are you doing tonight?"
"Not much, either doin' Miguel or getting drunk for "Thirsty Jersday"
by yeechopnette February 4, 2011
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a combination of thirsty thursday and jersday. when you and your friends get drunk and watch jersey shore together.
Yo grab some nattys bro it's thirsty jersday!
by cramexxx February 3, 2011
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