A handsome young man who is a kind and fierce leader and always looks out for others. He is not afraid to speak his mind and present abstract or taboo concepts, but at times seems weird. He is a romantic who knows how to treat a woman but is as smooth as sandpaper when it comes to flirting or talking to girls. He is a big dreamer and a fast learner. At first he comes off as arrogant but when you get to know him is really kind however crazy. He isn’t afraid to tell you how something really is and will help you and guide you through bad times. He is severely insecure and mostly angry at himself but manages to hide it and present himself as a fun loving and wild personality. He is an open book if you get to know him and is always doing something, whether active or inactive.
Guy 1:Wow Jeronimo’s so crazy
Guy 2:Nah he’s cool
by Nexuspoint January 16, 2019
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Its a boyname and mostly in italian or south-america used. You can also scream the name "jeronimo" when you're jumping from a high place, because of the native american jeronimo.
My name is Jeronimo

by Swäswä January 3, 2017
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Word used when performing leaps of great bounds or when jumping into an extremely large hole.
Paul couldn't believe the size of Rebecca's giant hole and screamed "Jeronimo!" before mounting and penetrating her.
by James January 7, 2005
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A hot filipino boy who loves to game and is an amazing boyfriend
Is that a filipino boy? no thats a Jeronimo.
by desibun February 27, 2017
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Jeronimo meaning a loud bang , or clacking sound . In other words go out with a bang
The fireworks made a jeronimo sound , before the car alarms went off .
by Wikipedia New July 6, 2021
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