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A super skinny thicc legend that stomps around flexin. They like to act, and film themselves sitting in their hallway. They are usually seen with Alyx Weiss, a classic thorter.
Look at that girl! She is such a Jenn Mcallister, wow she must weigh 100 lbs, only butt fat.
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by jennxpenn_mcallister June 12, 2018
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a successful youtuber who has over 3.6 million subscribers. Known for her comedic vlog style videos especially episode and postmates buys her stuff videos. One of the sweetest and hard working people out there. Commonly seen with her dog, Finn Mcallister.
β€œDid you see the new Jenn Mcallister video? It was so funny!”
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by wiecking August 12, 2019
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