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Jemile is when you name your pet/house/child after someone you love.
Guy 1: 'I got a new cat yesterday'
Guy 2: 'Oh cool, what you called her?'
Guy 1: 'Named her after my girl, Lisa'
Guy 2: 'Aww, thats sweet. Working the jemile there. *LAUGHS*'
by PREETYJEMILE March 18, 2009
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Jemile is a really kind hearted person. She is charming and fierce, but can get sensitive at times. People like her are extremely intelligent. She is neither selfish nor selfless, and can lose her temper easily. Jemile has long brown, almost gold hair and stunning hazel eyes. She always wants to do the impossible, like change the world, but Jemile can sometimes lose hope. But no matter what, she will get back up again.
by Imacreepyclownlol May 17, 2018
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