omggg like serisouly there juss friggin jelled bracelts not fuckign sex coupons yea we're guna go fuck now cuz somone broke my bracelet THAT EFFING REDICULAS!!!!!!!! think about it i bet NO parent in this world trusts there kid with these bracelets like comon have sum faith
no fucking rediculas comment ! FUCK Jelly bracelets
by MizzZ BiTcH March 16, 2006
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here's what they mean where im from

purple-anal sex
red-lap dance(extreme breaking means aral to a girl
blue- BJ
white-flashing your tits
glittery yellow-hug and kissing
clear-whatever snapper wants
green-outdoor sex/hugs
glow in the dark-using sex toys
gold glittery-makeout

they all have a meaning, but i dont care for them. i let my friend snap one off me and we just laughed about it. its not like your going to hell for not fucking eachothers brains out
look around bitch, there is broken black bracelets everywhere! well did somebody screw where you're standing? if u had to follow what happend i wouldve lost my virginity and screw 2 ppl today!
by Alex April 15, 2004
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This word is bullshit. I wear them because they are cool to wear, not beacause of sex. I could break every one i have and it wouldnt matter.
none none none none
by Steven Giambrone December 03, 2003
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These are so stupid i dont understand y ppl think they are tru cuz now girlz are afraid 2 wear them cuz of sick stupid boiz. Until a lady came and talked about them to mi class no1 had any idea that they were even sex related now ppl make up definitions 4 colors 2 scare the guelz who wear 'em they are so0o0o0o0 stupid
i cant even wear them without being made fun of then their just a waste of money
by i cant tell u December 17, 2003
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Ever since I heard what jelly bracelets meant I wore them just to make everyone go crazy today me and my friends bought 100 to share because we love to make people to go crazy. though I don't wear black.
My example for if a guy took off my jelly bracelets.
If someone actually broke of on of mine well if it is kiss hug or girls choice(which I pick kiss and hug)one and the guy is hot I might but mostly I wouldn't. And if they do and say "you have to have sex with me", I slap them aross the face,take the blacelet, amd say "do it with your self if your so despate! and while your a it give me a buck to go buy for the ones you broke" and if they say" they're just 5cents each" I would said "will that's what you devered to even think about havingsex with me"
by jewely lover March 24, 2007
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Jelly Bracelets are a kewl accesory and they look good with lots of different outfits thats all they are so ppl who dont like that GET OVER YOURSELf we arnt telling you to wear them so just let the fad pass i mean cant u just let 1 fad pass without haveing to ridicule it and try and stop ppl from wearing then god man get over it!
I wear them all the time but ppl dont come over to me at parites and go so what colours have u got broken and i wear black-means nothing pink-means nothing red- means nothing and clear- means nothing i mean not all kids have dirty minds only the ppl who are having such a big probleme with it are the ones thinking like that.
by Lindsey May 11, 2004
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Bracelets worn by teenagers who are desperate for sexual activity.
Look, if I wear these Jelly Braclets, someone might actually be stupid enough to have sex with me.
by Word of the Day May 28, 2004
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