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A recurring character type in the Fire Emblem series that is often good until some point late in the game. A Jeigan character is often a promoted unit that joins on the very first chapter, and is used by players, especially experienced ones, to keep turn counts at a minimum.

Jeigans are often underrated by players who care more about how a unit's stats are at the highest possible level rather than how they are in certain chapters at certain levels.
Seth is a Jeigan character.
by nintendogamer September 15, 2011
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In the Fire Emblem game series, a character that often steals exp. from other characters. A Jeigan character often comes promoted on the first few chapters, and is used by players as a shield.

Jeigans are overrated by Fire Emblem n00bs, and underrated by experienced players.

Some of them, however, like Fire Emblem 4's Cuan can be quite useful sometimes.
Marcus is a Jeigan character.
by .::Pyro::. May 19, 2005
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An character archetype in the Fire Emblem series of video games, named after the character Jeigan in the first Fire Emblem game.

A Jeigan character joins early in the game and is vastly more powerful than any other unit you'll come across until about half way through. Because they can take on entire armies by themselves using them eliminates the need for prudent strategy involving all other characters.
Player 1: "This game's a pushover. All I have to do is have Titania gallop towards the boss and shove a lance up his ass"
Player 2: "You shouldn't be using her man, she's a total Jeigan"
by Player2_fireemblem March 20, 2013
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