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Jehanne. A fine, illustrious being with immense power. Jehanne's are known for their 'unique' thinking and 'talent'. Jehanne's can make anybody laugh. They're extreme comedians who cherish unicorns. Everybody wants to be a Jehanne. Jehanne's are very keen and are not befriended easily. They are very rare and only the best of the best will witness how great a friend a Jehanne can be. The one thing you should never do is become her arch nemesis. Once they find an enemy there is no end to the terror they bring... Never. ..
Never fear, Jehanne is here.
by A113 December 26, 2016
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Outstandingly amazing. Great in the sack and won't call in the morning. She is confident, sexy and successful.
She is a Jehanne!
by museo February 05, 2010
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