Jefry will always make you smile and lights up your day, leaving your heart bursting. He likes food and is giving, caring, and lovable. He’s probably born in 1980. He loves salmon belly, Japanese cheesecake, ovaltine macchiatos, and wagyu beef. He likes chocolate from Switzerland, but settles for Kinder Buenos as a replacement. His dream is to go to Turkey and see the hot air balloons. He knows few jokes and likes to walk.

He’s not very good in badminton. He’s the definition of happiness. He loves his little sister.
Jefry Santhosam :
The best kind of fries is a je-fries (jefry)

One can only hope to get a Jefry.

Get yourself a friend like Jefry and let him know you appreciate him.
by Famousamoscookies March 20, 2019
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Thinks his shit don’t stink, has terrible sports takes and thinks he’s funny. Overall you don’t want to party with a Jefry Benz.
Yo Steve is being a total Jefry Benz today, I wish he would just go home and stop bitching
by will mallory February 16, 2020
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