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A term of endearment used to describe loved ones or the absolute precious. Not just anyone can be a "Jeeb". It is a term used to show strong affection.

Other variations of the word are:
Jeebalicious, Jeebach (JEE-BAWK), Jeeby, Jeebster, Jeebonksters
1. She is such a Jeeb-face.
2. I love that Jeeb.
3. Hey Jeeby.
4. Whats up Jeebalicious?
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010
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Bobby:Hey Sean what are you Jeebing on
Sean:Just Jeebing on some jeeby jeebs, because i like to jeeb hard.
by bigshotbob34 December 06, 2011
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Is the shortened form of Jebus - simpler to say cos only 1 syllable. Started out as Jesus after an R.E. test in year 7 at high school - got changed to jebus after seein simpsons episode - then shortened to Jeebs afterwards - still known as that 2day.
Jeebs: Good Morning!!!! *waves*
Others: Morning Jebus!
by Jebus mcflebus September 21, 2007
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A derogatory term for Christians. A play on the word heeb, a derogatory term for Jewish people, or Hebrews.
Christian: Read the bible!

troll: f u jeeb
by Dead-Bum January 18, 2007
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Short for marajeebacube. Latin or something for marijuana. Made popular in late 90's.
Ted. . . you done smoked all my jeeb.
by Moses Christenson July 24, 2003
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John: Here's a kitten!
Me: It's so adorable! Words can't describe how much I want to squeeze and stroke it and squeal about how cute it is! Jeeb!
by thwitw November 25, 2009
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