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Originates from the prostitutes and criminals from Belgium, that were sent to the new world. The mixture of french and english gave rise to an impossibly beatiful creature. The rare Jean-philippe is an extremely shy entity, that when spotted, will quickly turn and run with his long chicken like legs. When cornered, he will shake his lower lip and his eyes will swell to resemble the head of a teacup chihuahua. With this skill he can take over hollywood and have all the male himbo's worship him.
guy "hey did you see the new movie with that Jean-philippe?"
girl "The one where he looks like the chihuahua, or the one where he runs from the police, or the one where he is naked on his back?"
guy "yes"
girl "oh my god i love him"
by Gereniuk February 10, 2010
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A man with a majestic beard.
Edibles. Carries a large club.
Likes guns.
And seriously this club is like deadly.
Possibly a t1000
Dude that things bigger than Jean-Philippe's Dick.
by Yeah_I-_wentThere August 03, 2017
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